Easter Tiny Bunnies Sewing FREE Pattern

free tutorial

by Sol Maldonado

SIDE: 3.1 x 2.4 in (8 x 6 cm) width x height without ears.
Tall with ears is 3.9 in (10 cm)

-Cotton fabric: 11×7.1 in (28×18 cm)
-small felt ball
-matching sewing thread and needle
-1 pink bead for the nose
-black pencil
-hard Cardboard: 2×2.4in (5x6cm)
-embroidery thread and needle


2) Fold cotton fabric by width and trace templates:
-2 Template B (ears)
-1 Template A (body)
Using back stitch sew pieces leaving botton edges open.
Cut out excess of fabric leaving a seam allowance of 1/4 in (0,6 cm) around, and 0.4 in (1 cm) on bottom edges.

3) To easily turn ears right side out: Thread needle with a strong thread as embroderie. Make a knot at the extreme and pass needle throught ears tip (into fabric from seam allowance, at the top of the ear).

4), 5), 6) Insert needle inside the ear, passing it through space between stitches, exit into ear´s open ebottom edge.

7), 8) Turn right side out.

9) Turn in edges from the bottom of the ear.

10), 11) Make 2 ears, and sew them together at the bottom edge.

12) Trace cardboard base and cut it from template C.

13) Cut fabric from template D, place cardboard over, thread needle and stitch around.

14), 15) Once completed, pull thread to adjust fabric.

16) Make few stiches across to secure it all.
17) Cardboard base is cover!

18) Fill bunny´s body.

19) Place base piece on bottom and sew it with ladder stitch.
20) Body is finish!

21) Place ears on position and sew them.

22) Finally sew a pink bead for the nose and small pompom as tail.


bunnies free pattern tutorial

Chocolate Rabbits to decor Easter table!

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